Enameling on Metal Clay Workshop

Coming up soon: a three day workshop dedicated to enameling on metal clay, to be taught by Cindy Silas, a well known metal clay artist. The workshop will take place September 15-17, 2017 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) from 10:30am-4:30pm, at the Glen Echo Park in Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC.

Students will learn to make and enamel metal clay jewelry or other small items in both silver and copper clay.  They will spend the first two days creating metal clay pieces for enameling with custom shapes, thicknesses, textures, and embellishments such as bails, bezels, and fireable gemstones. Students will learn metal clay specific techniques such as texturing, cutting, doming, construction, firing, and finishing.  Enameling on other metals that are available in clay form such as sterling, bronze, and steel will be discussed.  On day three, students will learn the ins and outs of enameling their metal clay creations plus learn a few additional techniques that Cindy has developed that can embellish enameled work. Enamels will be provided. Students can buy PMC3 silver and COPPRclay from the instructor or bring those brands of metal clay. The cost of the three day workshop is $350.  Sign up through Glen Echo (www.glenechopark.org or contact registrar@glenechopark.org) To see more on metal clay and the instructor go to www.cindysilas.com. For more information email sarapaulson@gmail.com.Cindy Silas metal clay and enamel

Jan Harrell Workshop

The Jan Harrell Workshop which took place at Glen Echo May 19-21 was a a great success!  The group learned a large number of Jan’s enamel tricks that make enameling easier and more fun.  These included sgrafitto, stenciling, decals, foils, pencil drawing, and many other techniques.  For those who missed her, Jan is teaching a stencil course at the Enamelist Society meeting in Arrowmont, TN.  Google her for a listing of other courses she is offering this year and next.

New up — well known metal clay artist Cindy Silas is teaching a three day workshop on enameling on metal clay this fall.  The course runs from September 15 – 17, 2017, at Glen Echo National Park in Glen Echo, Maryland 20812.  The participants will spend the first two days learning how to manipulate silver and copper clay, and on the third day will  be enameling the pieces.  More details will be offered soonCindy Silas metal clay and enamel



Jan Harrell Workshop May 19-21, 2017

Texan Jan Harrell will teach a three day workshop May 19-21, 2017 (Friday-Sunday) at Glen Echo Park in Glen Echo, Maryland.  In this fast paced 3 day workshop, sponsored by the National Enamelist Guild, the focus will be on creating samples of techniques.

Students will bring at least 12 copper squares of approximately 20-22 gauge in the 2 x 3 size range. They should be counter enameled before the workshop. These will be stored in a provided sheet protector for baseball cards.

Many of the older techniques- sgraffito, basse taille, liquid enamel, embellishments- have some new spins that Jan has developed from 25 years of teaching in a continuing program of enamels. Exciting screening and decal techniques have really expanded the ability to add decorative patterns to enamel.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own shapes to create some finished pieces using some of their sample exercises.

Jan will bring lots of samples of the various techniques. Each person will also be provided a 3 x 3 copper square with turned down box edges. During the workshop, this piece will incorporate some of the techniques learned –a crazy quilt of sorts of favorite techniques.

The cost of the course is $375 for the three days plus an additional supply fee.  To sign up go to glenechopark.org or call the registrar at 301-634-2226.  For more information contact Sara Paulson at 202-365-0334 or sarapaulson@gmail.com.

For those who do not know Jan, see the video below that Jan made for Cool Tools.

Amy Roper Lyons Workshop

The Amy Roper Lyons Workshop is now full.  We are now planning new workshop ideas and welcome your input.

Spring 2016 workshop with Amy Roper Lyons

The NEG has just scheduled a workshop with enamel artist Amy Roper Lyons. The workshop will take place May 13-15, 2016, at the Glen Echo Arts Center in Maryland. Amy will teach a plique a jour enamel class. Participants will have the option of creating their own plique a jour metal framework, or buying a basic one from Amy. Amy is a renowned enamel artist, creating colorful and creative plique a jour vessels and jewelry, as well as Amy Roper Lyons bowlcloisonné jewelry. More details to follow.

Kathy Wilcox Screen Printing Workshop

October 2, 3, 4

Create a rich enamel surface with screen-printed images, textures, patterns and colors.  Make your own images for the screen through familiar art methods of drawing, painting, printing, photography or collage.

In this three day workshop Kathy will first teach an easy do-it-yourself home method of making screens using the PhotoEZ system–no need for a Thermofax machine.  She will send information and suggestions before the workshop so you can arrive with your designs to make your own screen.  She will also discuss other methods for comparison and tell you where to send your art for custom screens when you prefer not to make them yourself.

On the second and third days you will learn how to dry screen print with standard powder enamel and how to fire your screened print.  A screen can be used over and over again and can be applied to create enamel jewelry or wall pieces.

Kathy will teach a variety of ways to work with the screens including masking, registration, sift screening and more.  The image can be completely screened or partially screened.  She will also give you various ways to combine your images with enamel techniques such as fire scale, sgraffito and other stencils.

"Swamp Gems" by Kathy Wilcox


Workshop Details

The workshop will be held at Glen Echo Park, MD on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 2, 3 and 4 2015.  Hours will be 10:30 to 4:30 on Friday and 10:00 to 4:30 on Saturday and Sunday.  The cost will be $390 plus a $13 Park registration fee.  One screen is included and there will be a small fee per screen if you make additional ones.

"Who's There?" by Kathy Wilcox

How to Sign Up

Registration is handled by the Glen Echo Park system.  You may register online by going to glenechopark.org or you may call 301-634-2226.  NEG members will receive a $15 refund check at the workshop.  The workshop is limited to 11 and will be filled by the first to sign up.

"Whooping Crane Red" by Kathy Wilcox

"Sol Dance" by Kathy Wilcox


Kathy Wilcox firing in an enamel kiln(1)Kathy Wilcox has been a professional artist, enamelist and educator since 1976. She has taught art elementary through 12th grade in the local school system and art centers. She currently teaches adult enamel workshops from her studio, at art centers and Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Tennessee. Her enamel jewelry and wall pieces are exhibited and sold in national juried shows, art festivals, museums and galleries, and she has received numerous awards. Her work has been published in the “Art of Enameling” book and most recently in “500 Enameled Objects.”  See her website at wilcoxenamels.com.

Jessica Calderwood Workshop Sign-up

To sign up for the Jessica Calderwood workshop (June 20,21), click this link:  http://www.ssreg.com/glenechopark/classes/classes.asp?courseid=30250&catid=4595


Jessica Calderwood Workshop

“Creative Mark-Making in Enamel,” given by Jessica Calderwood, is a fast-paced workshop that will focus on different ways to make marks and render in vitreous enamel. Starting with copper sheet and porcelain-coated steel, demonstrations will be given on sgraffito, etching cream, underglaze pencils, ceramic oxides, overglazes/china paint, and glass beads. Expect to create a series of experimental process samples as a way to open up your approach and expand your visual language.


Workshop Details

The workshop will be held at Glen Echo Park, MD on Saturday and Sunday, June 20 and 21, 2015.  Hours will be 10:30 to 4:30.  The cost will be $280 plus a $13 Park registration fee.  There will be a $15 supply fee payable to the instructor.  Class size is limited to 11.


How to Sign Up

Registration is handled by the Glen Echo Park system.  You may register online by going to glenechopark.org or you may call 301-634-2226.  NEG members will receive a $15 refund check at the workshop.  The workshop will be filled by the first to sign up.

JC_studio shot(1)

Jessica Calderwood has exhibited her enamels throughout the U.S. and internationally in curated and juried exhibitions. She has participated in artist residencies with the John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry Program and the Mesa Arts Center. Her work has also been published in Metalsmith Magazine, American Craft, NICHE, Ornament, the Lark 500 series, and the Art of Enameling. She is currently an Associate Professor of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  See her work at jessicacalderwood.com

Here are pieces of student work from a previous workshop:



Membership Meeting November 16 at Glen Echo

The meeting will be Sunday afternoon, November 16, from 1:30 to 3:30 at Glen Echo.Everyone is encouraged to bring pieces to show and discuss informally at a table that will be set up in the meeting room.  Be sure to bring “Cindy Miller” pieces if you attended the workshop.  This is also an opportunity to bring in work that you would like help with solving a problem or answers about why something failed.Voting on the slate of officers will be available for those who did not vote by email.

The program will begin with a short business meeting and introduction of the officer candidates for anyone who may not have met them.  Ann Davis will entertain us with a demonstration of pen plating gold on fine silver so we can all add a little bling to our work.

How to Get There
For those who may not have been to the Glen Echo classrooms, click on this link to get detailed directions: http://glenechopark.org/directions-parking

Once you have parked, walk across the footbridge and you will see a large cream-colored building with a hanging sign that says “Photo Works.”  Enter the door close to that sign.  Take the elevator to the second floor and our room is #201.

Jayne Redman “Making Multiples: Blanking Dies and Pattern Development” Workshop

Get ready to think about a whole new way of enameling on die-cut metal…because after Jayne’s workshop you will be able to design and make your own precise multiple shapes and form them into 3-D pieces of silver or copper, large or small, simple or complex.  It’s up to you and your imagination.


Left, silver is in the blanking die ready to be cut.  Center, pieces are ready for keum boo.  Lower right, pieces have been formed. Upper right, pieces are assembled into a pendant.

Left, silver is in the blanking die ready to be cut. Center, pieces are ready for keum boo. Lower right, pieces have been formed. Upper right, pieces are assembled into a pendant.


This workshop will deal directly with how to make the blanking dies that you will saw from tool steel.  Your die will cut metal that is thinner than the thickness of your die.  You can use either a heavy duty bench vise or a hydraulic press to cut shapes with your die.   The shapes will be precision cut and of your own design.

The pattern sawed out needs to be beveled at a specific angle to create a shearing action.  You will use a special bench pin and protractor which help keep your tool steel at the correct angle while you saw out your design.

Using the rotational bench pin and magnetic protractor.

Using the rotational bench pin and magnetic protractor.

You will learn how to design and engineer the die.  Jayne will teach you the proper placement and proportion of hinge to pattern so your die will work well.  You will also learn how to make multiple dies which have two or three shapes spaced apart so that you can cut several at once.  Re-insert the metal, offset by one, to efficiently cut several more.

A multiple die that has made the first cut in the copper.

A multiple die that has made the first cut in the copper.  By offsetting the die, 3 more pieces can be cut to the left.

You will learn pattern development.  Jayne will teach her design process for working out shapes and planning for forming and connecting the pieces.  She will bring examples of her work and show step-by-step samples of how pieces can be put together.  One of her techniques is “faux tubing” shown in the picture below.  She will show you some interesting design possibilities, and you will be encouraged to think beyond the obvious.

The connector between the two halves of the shape is formed around a rod to make "faux tubing."

The connector between the two halves of the shape is formed around a rod to make “faux tubing.”

We will not be doing any enameling in this workshop.  But you must see the next pictures of the work done by Barbara Bowling after she made her blanking die in Jayne’s class…then enameled the metal in her own studio.  Stunning!   Hope you are feeling inspired…


Mistletoe by Barbara Bowling, side view

Mistletoe by Barbara Bowling, side view








Mistletoe by Barbara Bowling, looking up

Mistletoe by Barbara Bowling, looking up








Drawing of Mistletoe Die

Drawing of Mistletoe Die

Workshop Details

The workshop will be held at WashingtonArtWorks, 12276 Wilkins Avenue, Rockville MD 20852 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 7, 8 and 9.  Hours will be 10:00 to 5:00.  The cost will be $345 for guild members and $385 for nonmembers.  There will be a $150 kit fee (an aluminum rotational bench pin $115, tool steel $25, magnetic protractor $10).


Teaching in Dallas

How to Sign Up

NEG and the Washington Guild of Goldsmiths are cohosting this workshop.  NEG and WGG members have received applications by email and should send them in ASAP since the workshop will be filled by the first to sign up.  There is a twelve student maximum.  If you are not a guild member and would like an application, go to washingtonguildofgoldsmiths.com/workshops and click on Workshop Application.



Maya and IJayne Redman, a Maine native, earned her B.F.A. in Jewelry and Silversmithing from the Maine College of Art in 1977. She began her jewelry career in New York as a design and production assistant in the fashion jewelry industry. She started her own company, Jayne Redman Jewelry, in 1982. Jayne is the recipient of numerous awards including the Niche Award for Silver Jewelry and Lapidary Journal’s Jewelry Arts Award and has been a finalist in the Saul Bell Awards.

Jayne has been featured in articles for Crafts Report, AJM/MJSA Journal, Lapidary Journal, Professional Jeweler, Niche, and Ornament magazines. Examples of her work illustrate the books Art Jewelry Today by Donna Z. Meilach, Making Metal Beads by Pauline Warg, 500 Earrings by Lark Books and 20th Century Jewelry – The Best of the 500 Series by Lark Books. She was a contributor to the book Profiting by Design by Marlene Richey.

Jayne is a former faculty member of the Maine College of Art Department of Jewelry and Metals. She teaches workshops nationally and at Riverview Workshops at Jayne Redman Studio in southern Maine. She is represented by fine jewelry and craft stores across the country.

Visit her website at jayneredmanjewelry.com.



Below are some examples of student work from past workshops.

Nesting Die


Marjorie's DieMarjorie Shrinky Dink Necklace












Beth Wicker's Turtles



Titmouse DieBrook's Seed Pod Die