The Enameled Bowl Workshop

Averill Shepps, the well-known enamel artist, will teach a workshop November 10-11, 2018 that will focus on sifted enameling techniques used to produce a bowl. While the techniques learned can be applied to many other enameled shapes, the bowl’s steeper surface works well for the student to observe and practice the best methods for sifting and spraying to cover it properly.  Mastering sifting techniques opens whole new approaches to what is possible with enamel.

She will address methods for preparing the copper for enameling, and grade sifting enamel (mainly transparent enamel) into different grain sizes.  Clarity and depth of color will be an aim of the end result. The workshop will cover firing times and temperatures, including using underfiring as a technique to obtain control of your work. The workshop will also demonstrate creating designs for bowls using brushes, templates and stencils.  Enamels will be provided; students can bring or buy copper shapes/bowls.

Averill Shepps was educated as a scientist which has given her a greater understanding of the technical aspects of enameling that are often not explained. She will teach the why of a technique as well as just the how.  For more information on Averill, go to

The workshop will be held at Glen Echo National Park, Glen Echo, Maryland

November 10-11, 2018  10:30 – 5:00

Registration opens August 5, 2018

Cost $250

Averill Shepps Blue Bowl Smaller

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