National Enamelist Guild

The National Enamelist Guild provides workshops, meetings and activities for enamel artists of all levels in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.  After some years of dormancy, we restarted the organization in January, 2013.  We have gotten an enthusiastic response from the enameling community and we welcome your input and participation.

  • Sara Paulson, President and Treasurer
  • Cindy Silas, Vice President and Membership Director
  • Tina Chisena, Secretary

Become a Member

Stay up to date, get workshop discounts and support the Guild.  Become a member–go to the Membership page for details.

Spread the Word

One way you can contribute is to spread the word.  If you know anyone who is enameling, tell them we are here.  You are the best way we have to communicate.

We Want Ideas for Workshops

Tell us if you have taken a workshop that you think others would enjoy.  Or if you have heard of someone teaching something interesting.  Or if there is something you would like to learn.  We want to know!

Leave a Comment

If you would like to leave a comment for all to see, you may get a username and password at wordpress.com and use any of the comment boxes on the site.  If you have questions or comments that you would like to direct to one of the board members, please go to the Contact page where there is a form that will send an email to the person you select.

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