Jan Harrell Workshop May 19-21, 2017

Texan Jan Harrell will teach a three day workshop May 19-21, 2017 (Friday-Sunday) at Glen Echo Park in Glen Echo, Maryland.  In this fast paced 3 day workshop, sponsored by the National Enamelist Guild, the focus will be on creating samples of techniques.

Students will bring at least 12 copper squares of approximately 20-22 gauge in the 2 x 3 size range. They should be counter enameled before the workshop. These will be stored in a provided sheet protector for baseball cards.

Many of the older techniques- sgraffito, basse taille, liquid enamel, embellishments- have some new spins that Jan has developed from 25 years of teaching in a continuing program of enamels. Exciting screening and decal techniques have really expanded the ability to add decorative patterns to enamel.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own shapes to create some finished pieces using some of their sample exercises.

Jan will bring lots of samples of the various techniques. Each person will also be provided a 3 x 3 copper square with turned down box edges. During the workshop, this piece will incorporate some of the techniques learned –a crazy quilt of sorts of favorite techniques.

The cost of the course is $375 for the three days plus an additional supply fee.  To sign up go to glenechopark.org or call the registrar at 301-634-2226.  For more information contact Sara Paulson at 202-365-0334 or sarapaulson@gmail.com.

For those who do not know Jan, see the video below that Jan made for Cool Tools.

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