Cynthia Miller to Teach Multi-Panel Wall Art Workshop, September 2014

Miller4We are bringing Cynthia from her home in Tucson to spend three days with us sharing her approach to creating the dazzling multi-panel enamels she is known for. Her workshop at the last Enamelist Society conference was a hit, and because of that we have had a lot of inquiries from people from around the country. So don’t delay after the Glen Echo registration opens.  We are limiting the workshop to 9 people so we will have 3 people per kiln.

Creating Multi-Panel Wall Art

The workshop will begin with a discussion of Cynthia’s approach to design development and ways to translate a concept to panel composition.  She will demonstrate the process by making a 4-panel piece and will discuss images of other work that she has done.  The first class project will be a 4-panel piece made up of 4″x6″ pieces of 16 gauge copper.  From inspirational pictures provided by each student, Cynthia will help work out the design and execution.  The second project will be a 4-panel work made up of 6″x8″ pieces of 16 gauge copper.  Again, she will help with advice on color layering and multiple firing, as well as placing lump enamel “jewels” if desired.  For those who have time, there may be a third project of 2 or 4 panels.  Students will learn how to clean and prepare the copper, how to flux and counter enamel,  how to fire on a “bed of nails,” how to flatten panels that warp from heat, and how to use the frameless French cleat system for hanging that allows for an attractive final presentation.


Workshop Details

The workshop will be held at Glen Echo Park, MD on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 19-21, 2014.  Hours will be 10:00 to 5:00.  The cost will be $435 plus a $13 Park registration fee.  The cost for copper will be $56 for the first two projects, and either $18 or $36 more if a 2 or 4 panel 3rd project is done.  Class size is limited to 9.


How to Sign Up

Registration is handled by the Glen Echo Park system.  Registration will open at 10:00 am on August 4 when you may register online by going to or you may call 301-634-2226.  NEG members will receive a $15 refund check at the workshop.  The workshop will be filled by the first to sign up.


Cynthia Miller…see her website at and read her personal statement:  “The Arts are my lifelong passion. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Illinois, I studied Copper Enameling with Richard Loving at the Art Institute of Chicago. A Masters Degree in Fine Arts from Northwestern University in 1978 completed my formal arts education. We lived in Evanston, Illinois, while my two sons were growing up; I was an account executive in advertising and film. During the 1990’s I taught art and humanities at Columbia College and at the International Academy of Design in Chicago. Since moving to Tucson, Arizona , in 2000, I have been teaching art, theatre and yoga at Pima College. My copper enameling art continues to be my life’s passion.”

34th Mesa Contemporary Art Museum Juried Award: 2013
NICHE Finalist: 2012-Enamel on Metal
NICHE Award: 2011 – Enamel on Metal
Best in Show:  2010 – Mamaroneck, NY Art Guild
Red Ribbon: 2010 – Ventana Competition, Tucson

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